Too Late - Chapter Nine (contains mature content)

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The elevator ride is quick and the metal doors snap me out of my reverie; bringing me back to the present. I know I should be heading downstairs, calling for cab to take me somewhere; somewhere far away from this terrible mess I’ve caused. But it’s like my feet are on autopilot as they carry me to Harry’s room. I stand outside for a moment, looking around; my stomach flipping.

The air is cold around me; causing goosebumps to erupt all over my arms that send a chill through my body. I rub myself quickly, freezing as I notice the “do not disturb” sign hanging from the metal handle.

I knock anyway, praying he would answer. A minute or two passes and he doesn’t come to the door, so I knock again, louder this time. A muffled groan comes from the opposite side.

“Can’t you read? The do not disturb sign is obviously right in front of you.”

“It’s me,” I squeak, hoping he could hear me. It’s almost like I had no voice left. The door swings open suddenly, revealing Harry, still in his clothes from the club; his face bloody and slightly swollen.

We look at each other for a moment; our eyes locking. “Lou told me I should leave, and I agree, but I couldn’t leave without telling you goodbye first. So here I am, I guess.” My words are so jumbled, they barely make sense.

“You’re leaving?”

“You can’t expect me to stay.”

Harry looks up to the ceiling before he looks back down. “Just stay for a little longer…for me?”

“Sure,” I reply, stepping past him into his hotel room.

It’s so different than the other night; we’re both in completely different places. I’m free of Louis, but now everything is ruined.

 It’s funny how things work out like that, isn’t it? The way you know you’re supposed to be with someone, but you can’t? The way everything is already decided for you before you can even act? The idea of fate?

I set my bag at the foot of the bed, watching Harry as he stands by the wall; his face emotionless; his hands crossed across his chest. “You should get cleaned up. Here, I’ll help you.”

He watches carefully as I go to the bathroom, grabbing a pristine white washcloth, soaking it in warm water before I ring it out, getting rid of the excess liquid. Walking back into the bedroom, I motion for Harry to sit on the bed.

He does as he’s told and sits on the very edge mattress. I can tell he’s tense and as soon as I press the washcloth to his cheek, he flinches.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper, wiping as carefully as I can. Eventually his hands come to rest on my hips, sending my heart racing. We’re so absolutely close and intimate at this moment that I almost want to cry.

I smile sadly as I wipe under his eye; the blackness of a thick bruise beginning to form. His beautiful, even lips are swollen and cut and my heart breaks as I look at him. “I am so, so sorry. I caused all of this. And now look at you.”

Harry catches my wrist with his hand, his long fingers overlapping on each other. “It was so worth it.” He murmurs, kissing each one of my fingertips. I finish cleaning off his face but it’s almost worse than before. Where he’s been hit shows clearly; his cheekbones turning a light purple, his right eye almost swollen shut.

“Tell me,” Harry says. “Did I get him just as good?”

“Better,” I manage to laugh. Harry pulls me closer to him so I’m now standing between his legs. “But you need a new shirt. Look at that one.” I slide away from him, going to his bag to grab a plain white shirt.

I’m back to him in a matter of seconds, my fingers wrapped around the hem of his current shirt, pulling upward. He winces as the cotton leaves his body, exposing his chest. “You’re hurt there, too?” I ask, laying my hands flat against his collarbones.

“Just a bit sore.” His hands go back to my hips, pulling me closer.

The whole world stops as we pause; our lips just millimeters apart from each other. He’s so close that I can feel his breath wash over my face; a mix of alcohol and mint. I close the space between us, pressing our lips together.

His lips are unusually salty; marred by blood and probably tears. They’re slightly chapped, unlike normal when they’re perfectly soft; just like the rest of him. We move in sync, his hands resting lightly on my hips.

Our tongues collide together in his mouth, his quickly overpowering mine. I tangle my fingers into his hair, kissing him with every inch of passion I can muster. My knee lifts so I can crawl onto of him, my legs straddling each of his hips.

Harry rests his hands on my bum, gently kneading and squeezing the flesh between his fingertips. I kiss him gently, trying to avoid all his bruises and scrapes, but he still flinches when I touch too hard.

Harry lies back onto the bed, pulling me with him. Our kisses deepen, our tongues tangling together in a fiery battle. Before I know it, my shirt is pulled from my body by Harry’s nimble fingers.

Time passes and all of our clothing is removed, leaving us in nothing but our underwear. I grind my hips upward, seeking friction. Harry smiles as he presses into my pelvis, a lightly moan escaping my lips.

I yank his Calvin Klein’s down before I wrap my fist around his erection, gently stroking up and down, swiping my thumb over the tip, collecting the moisture.  Harry takes my wrist suddenly, catching me off guard. “No teasing, baby. Not tonight. I just want you.”

I nod against his lips, closing my eyes as tugs my underwear down my legs. Harry keeps his eyes locked on mine as he trails wet kisses up my body before he reaches my lips.

“Are you ready?” I nod again, he slides into me. We groan at the initial contact, the pleasure overwhelming.  Harry fills me completely; our hips fitting perfectly together. We are two puzzle pieces made to match; but we just found out too late in time.

Harry locks our hands together above my head, holding them to the pillow as he begins to move in and out of me; the pleasure already overwhelming. He feels so amazing as he thrusts in a strict rhythm.

“Harry, you feel so good,” I pant, pushing back against him to gain more pleasure. I can’t even feel guilty as I move closer to release; my eyes rolling back into my head.

“Open your eyes,” Harry says. My eyes fly open to lock with his jade orbs. I’ve never felt so connected to anyone in my life as we rock against each other; my legs wrapped tightly around his hips.

I moan as the head of his cock hits my g-spot on every thrust. “That’s right, baby,” Harry murmurs, still working his hips against mine. “Moan for me.”

His lips attach to my neck, sucking the delicate skin between his lips, sucking until he breaks the skin. It’s slightly painful until his warm, wet tongue snakes out to sooth the bite. Harry reaches down between us, working his thumb over my clit in a circular motion.  A whimper escapes my throat as he urges me closer to the edge; his lips still sucking on my neck.

 I tug his curls up so he’s facing me; his lips just barely brushing mine. I crane my neck to kiss him roughly; wanting to feel his perfectly lips against mine as I fall apart around him.

We’re panting and writhing against each other and I know it’s not going to be much longer. He pulls away from me slightly to brush the stray hairs from my face. “Come on,” he croons, his voice dark and husky.

I feel my walls begin to clench and with the combination of Harry kissing me and the way he’s so expertly pressing on my nub, I come suddenly; the pleasure pulsing through every inch of my body.

My eyes fall shut on their own accord as I bite down into Harry’s shoulder, trying to muffle my moans. We continue to buck against each other wildly, and with two more thrusts, Harry releases inside of me, a low groan leaving his lips, his mouth still tucked against my neck.

Harry continues to rock against me for a few seconds until he collapses on top of me; his weight pushing me into the mattress. It’s a welcome thing; the heat radiating off of him; the way I can feel his heart beat through his chest.

He places butterfly kisses over my collarbones and chest, tickling me. I wish I could stay here forever, buried into crisp white sheets with Harry next to me, but I know it’s impossible. “Harry,” I whisper, running abstract patterns over his back. “I’ve got to go.”

Harry groans, dropping his forehead to the valley between my breasts before he rolls off to the side, still facing me. I pull the sheet up around me, reaching for my phone on the bedside table. I call 411, asking for a cab, being told it’ll be downstairs in twenty minutes.

I dress under the watch of Harry, his eyes never leaving me as I put each article of clothing back on my body. “You’re staring,” I tease, laughing as I pull my sweatshirt over my head.

“Can’t help it,” He replies, standing up and grabbing his boxers from the floor.

 He comes to me, and I hold his cheeks in my hands, the very tips of my fingers touching his soft chocolate curls. He wraps his hands around my midsection and I melt into him.

“You’re going to be in London, aren’t you?” Harry asks, his grip tightening on my waist.

“Not for too much longer. I’m going to try and get away from everything, you know? London’s no good anymore.”

“So this is it, then? We don’t even get a chance to begin?”

“Did you really think we could? We wouldn’t ever work out.”

“No?” He grins, a hint of laughter in his voice. “Why not?”

“Don’t be silly, Harry.” I brush the tip of his nose, my own grin spreading on my face. “But really, I’m going to get out, see the world.” I pause for a moment. “I just hope you’ll make it alright. God, I regret ever doing this.”

I drop my head to his collarbone, letting out a deep sigh. “You regret it?” Harry mumbles, trying to step away from me.

I look up at him; his emerald eyes boring into mine. “Not with you. But I’ve hurt so many people and basically ruined yours and Lou’s friendships. You guys didn’t deserve any of this and I’m still so sorry.”

“Like I told Lou, you deserve the world. You really, honestly do.” Harry puts his finger to my lips, but I shake him off. “No, let me finish. You’re going to find someone who flips your world upside down in the best way possible. She won’t cause you troubles and she’ll get along with everyone in the band and I’ll be so incredibly happy for you.”

“Don’t talk like that, Raegan. We’ll always be friends, won’t we?”

I lightly trace a bruise with my thumb, smiling sadly. “Maybe in the future.”

“This sounds pretty final,” Harry murmurs, looking away from me.

“Hey, you’re big, bad Harry Styles. You can have any girl you want in seconds.”

“You’re right,” he smiles. “I’ll replace you by tomorrow.”

“Hey!” I hit his chest.  “I didn’t mean that quickly! Try waiting at least a week, why don’t you?”

“You know I’m only joking. It’ll always be you.”

I half-smile, stroking the dimple on his left cheek before I run my fingerprint over his slight mole on his chin, watching his smile grow. “I’ve really got to be going now, Harry.”

“And there’s nothing I can do to convince to you to stay?”

“You know that’s impossible. The cab’s going to be here any minute.”

“Do you want me to walk you downstairs?”

“No, please don’t.” We stand for a few more seconds, just taking each other in. We both know that this is the end, no matter how much we wish it wasn’t. Harry takes my face in his large hands, his soft fingers stroking over my cheekbones.

“I’ll see you soon, then.” Harry leans down, kissing me softly, creating the perfect goodbye kiss. It’s sweet, and long, almost completely innocent, except for the fact his tongue was snaking out, tracing the seam of my lips. I grant him entrance, letting our tongues battle together until a moan leaves my throat.

“Harry, stop. Let me go.” I pull away from him, letting my arms fall down. Taking a step back before he can grab me again, I yank my bag over my shoulder, hurrying toward the door. “You’re the best; always remember that.”

Harry touches my chin once more before I swing the door open; walking away from the only person I’m sure I’ve ever loved.

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