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Anonymous: thanks for the advice! i broke it off today and i feel a lot better about myself. i realized it wasn't fair to me or his girlfriend :)

Of course! I’m glad you’re feeling better!! :) x


Zayn today 04/15/14


mom that cigarette pack you found in my bag??? its a metaphor


I did my makeup the other day at midnight hi


American Horror Story: Murder House

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Anonymous: how do you get over a guy that has a girlfriend? i know he has feelings for me but he hasn't acted on them because he has a girlfriend. this sucks

in all honesty, the best way to get over him is to just try and move on. i’m gonna be really blunt with you because i’ve seen too many of my friends (including myself) be the other woman.

you may think he has feelings for you, but if he’s still with his girlfriend and not giving you the time of day, then they’re not real and he’s probably just bored in his relationship. and if he does leave his girlfriend for you, where’s your certainty that he won’t leave you for another girl?

i realize that every situation is different, of course but this is just what usually happens. i know it sucks ad i’m sorry its happening to you :(